Variables in your workout description

PerfectPace allows you to use variables in the workout description. These get replaced by the current values in your athlete profile.

This is very helpful for activities that are stored in the workout library. The description will always be correct for you or your athletes if you are a trainer. When editing the description you see the variable, e.g. 80%ftp, but as soon as you are finished with editing, it will be replaced with the actual value.

Which variables are available?

Heart rate:

  • %maxHR
  • $hrZone1
  • $hrZone2
  • $hrZone3
  • $hrZone4
  • $hrZone5


  • %ftp
  • $powerZone1
  • $powerZone2
  • $powerZone3
  • $powerZone4
  • $powerZone5
  • $powerZone6
  • $powerZone7


  • %cv
  • $paceZone1
  • $paceZone2
  • $paceZone3
  • $paceZone4
  • $paceZone5
  • $paceZone6
  • $paceZone7

A workout description could look like this. Left with variables and markdown description, on the right the result: