RoyFit Watt-Test

The RoyFitWatt-Test is a great tool to determine your ideal race power effort with a four minute test.

How does it work?
First of all perform a thorough warmup. This should include at least one short sprint and a high cadence session to get your muscles ready for the test. We recommend that you do the test on a wind-trainer, so that there are no external factors influencing your results.
Start the test with a high resistance of 6-times your body weight in Watt. If you weigh 75kg you start with 450Watts. Stay at that level as long as you can. Your power output will drop eventually, but hang on and try to keep the output as high as you can until the end of the 4 minutes.
At the end enter the 4 minute average Watt value and your weight in the fields below to get the recommended power values for an Olympic-, half- and long-distance triathlon including your VO2max, FTP and W/kg.

Weight4min Ø-powerCP4 Watt/kgVO2maxCP20FTP Watt/kgFTP/Power 5150Power 70.3Power 140.6
W/kg ml/kg/min W W/kg W W W


The power recommendations are a good indication of what you can ride on the bike and still be able to run well afterwards. All power values are average power, not normalized power.

The accuracy of this formula decreases for bike courses with more than 500 vertical meters per hour and when drafting.